Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to schkoooolll. To prove to dad I'm not a fool

werd. School is back and less appealing than usual.

Started with a cool travel subject, skipped wed and then film today and animation tomorrow. FUN.

erhm. news. lets see. showcase on friday.

last night i spent 8 loooong hours working in hawthorn at the pharmacy. twas amazing. involved me either noodle box, serving snooty dumb bitches taking their credit cards for walkies and playing with UBER amounts of bior, lancome, estee lauder.
In other news. I aim to dance tonight, seriously burn up some sweat. Im fair boring as of late, obsessed with my boyfriend and uni. Oh and i semi took up smoking again, could be my major new love for French-esque stuff, including creamy fuck off meals.

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