Tuesday, October 13, 2009


im way bend on assignments.

i fucking cant believe how little love ive shown to my blog.

its been non stop bullshit as per usual. im sick and tired of things and cant wait for it end. uni is almost done. im about 500 words away from saying a nice big fuck u to essays.

fashion is dead. at leaast mine is. i think a shop is in order. as is saving. for thailand, phils and japs. oh well.

ive made serious bffl with ebay. and buffy . i have mini orgasims everytime a vampire is on screen and my crush on seth green has been re lived over and over.

Erhm what else. I partied on the weekend. Showed some lip tonight and generally im feeling much more like the old me again. Yee haw. Dig this bitches tights.