Wednesday, May 26, 2010


cute little shoot with Mini, Italian vogue once again I think.

reverting back into childlike fashion likes.


a mix of shots of chloe and chloe campaign shots.

I stumbled across these images last week and i was completely mesmerised by them. something simple and calming about child hood memories, horse carousels being one of these memories.

I find the inimate setting relaxing and i like the location, it allows the mind to scope for as many interruptation as humanly possible.

its a little girls fantasy turned into a powerful fashion shoot.

***********to childhood***********

if heaven was a fashion shoot.

A series of truly beautiful images from Tim Walker, taken from Italian Vogue.I cant decide which I love more, the gelati coloured pastels or the beautiful tulle and ruffled wardrobe?

Its shoots like this that make fashion truly magical, aside from the well known brand labels and super famous models, the abiliy to take clothes and make them genuinely come to life is something only fashion shoots can do.
I want to have a serious go at making a tulle flower head piece.
The last two images are seperate but just as fun.

c h l o e .

It's thursday.
to most people this signifies the end of the week.
to me this means a 3 hour break in between classes.

draining life 1 katja 0

going through old Chloe ad campaigns really helped ease the pain though.

i enjoy these shoots. they're very scene, very exclusive.
sexy as all fuck, but not slutty.

the girls are the central focus but they never give their entire attention to the shoot, its mysterious in some elements and it throws around ideas at whats going on.

i think its a completely ingenious way to make the clothes stand out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

high level intellect

boom boom.
let me here you say
its almost the end of my semester which naturally means
a)i forget about exams
b)i begin new levels of procrastination
c)i find new hobbies and trends to obsess myself with only to ditch them after a week or so.
every so often i amuse myself with list.
i am a huge list person to say the least, there is just something reassuring and accomplishing about lists.
my main issue isnt making the lists, its more so the checking of items on a list.

perhaps if its done publically i may be more inclined to complete set tasks.

holiday list
-finish US office
-start the british one
-watch deadwood
-true blood
-continue reading Full Metal Alchemist
-tick off 3 movies on my movie list
-read scar tissue
-read another book
-cook sinagang
-plan my overseas adventure
-save at least $2000 dollars
-clean my room
-go to the doctors
-go to the gym
i think ill leave it there, i feel like completing these things will be challenge enough.
heres a few blasts from the past.
Old Terry Richardson works
note kate moss.

my fave.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i a m t h e o n l y 1.

that thinks im going crazy.
this blog goes to rich. for getting me onto this song.
props to rich.
uni isnt the same without you.

in the recent events of the last two weeks. aka assignments and what not all i want is to be a hippie. or join the cirucs. i am not fussed.

in other news i am now a loser.

i am have no new photos, and only few stories.

last weekend i went on a date, it was fine.

except for the part i dont want to date.

in other news, i have completed two assignments, and two group assignments. i have also completed the entire 1st, 2nd and 3rd series of The Office, US version.

this weekend im working fri. going to wah wah.

working sat. going to an engagement party.

working sunday. going to die?

i want free love.

cant wait to run away to another place.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


a few snaps taken a while ago.
sarah.e's 21st birthday.
on a boat.
me and twin.
very toot.
fail at titanic.
sissey and ma mah
twins fo lyfe.
goosey and ducky.
the reason i even show to work.2 black chicks dancing.

ari, the best hairdresser ever.
and his beautiful wife steph.