Monday, August 3, 2009

Hip Hop Hooray

Another few weeks goes past and I'm yet to make ANY entries.

At the moment my life is completely and totally focused on working.. Paid work, uni work, dancing school work. Except for friends and lover ( thats not work)

Latest news? I have made some desperate attempts at not being boring as of late. It's been quite busy, after my horrific hip hop showcase performance I'm determined not to suck. I saw it for the first time today, just looking around while everyone else is dancing. Oh well.

I ventured out to the Saint. It was almost a night of disco treats, although my inner grandma stopped me. I had Richard's 21st the other night. Everyone looked like an uber babe. Great to see school people, its amazing how fucking amazing a lot of people are. Acheiving shit and all.

USA plans are delayed. I need a second job to afford the amount of shit I want to buy. Am currently researching everything that I can about CHEAP accom and food and outtings etc.

I had the most awesome lunch date today. BIMBOS. I ate my Pizza in like 5.2 mins. Huge week this week. Uni, Homework, Dancing, Contempory dance production, catch up with Greeneyez, more uni and then work. GAH.


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