Saturday, January 23, 2010

A S I A x 1

so far so good. ive been overseas now for just under two weeks and its been crazy.

first stop was a few days in bangkok. ive never seen so many shops in my ife

then it was onto the philippines. back home, being a chiller from manila and all.

its been non stop busy going manila for two days and stopping off at the orphanage and the malls.

then we went to cebu city to meet up with friends before heading to boracay which was the most craziest place ever. but not to crazy.

we went to the beach then ate the went out to a place called cocomangas shooter bar. for about 7 bucks u can buy like a ltrs of cocktail and shots :) plus there are all these cushions to sit on. nuts. we got kicked out after our guide punched a korean. meh.
then we went to gullys were we had a 2 ltr+ thing of shots and partied on the beach with switz, germans and filos. the most amazing experiene in partying.
now back to manila to party some more. peace. x

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Falling down the rabbit hole.

sometimes i feel like life is a game of cards.
we get dealt a hand and its a gamble on whether we play the hand we have or fold, in a sense both could be a drastic loss. To gamble on what we were given would imply we played on while others around folded, we powered through and bluffed and raised our way to the end card being flipped over.
What chance do we have that the last card revealed will work in our favour? 50/50. perhaps even less. All that work and skill diminished in a game of luck or fate.
To fold may appear to be a rather simple solution, why bother gambling if your cards don't show promise? But to sit back and watch the others at the table continue on, each with a chance closer than you to winning. The regret and the wondering when you realised you were in it with a chance. You lacked the intuition to read others bluffs, letting your prize slip by quickly.
I would be brave in saying that I am the biggest gamble at the table. I usually see my cards and invest hopes and dream on them. An automatic optimist in the game of cards being played. sure I assess my losses but they are mere pebles on my path, barely distracting me.
Last night I'd been playing a game of cards for a rather long time. After bluff after bluff I finally folded. I'm sitting here still uncertain of whether the move was wise but I think that the prize pool was no where near big enough to have enticed me to play the final round. So what, I may have missed out! But i'd lost more than enough in the rounds leading up, i'd lost my trust, respect, ability to read people, ability to be free and i nearly lost my dignity. A small fragment of my heart may of gotten caught up too.
Folding was the best choice I've ever made. I made sure that i'll be so inclinced to deal with such dealings again and who knows maybe the small insignificant round i played on another table just after might may the deal oh so sweeter.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recommends you listen to All Day and All of The Night.

the camera i want. NO idea how to use it but they look good. A friend had one and i dug it.

Or this one?

The boat that rocked. Intense soundtrack. 60s, 70s rockin and rolling. Movie is dope too.

I blogged ages ago on it but I'm only just getting to the soundtrack part of it. Thai in a week and lots to prepare such as rockin tunes to vibe up to.

I've packed. There is not one single ugly outfit in my case. Nor is there anymore space for toiletries. Overloaded. I think Thailand is more important to look hot in. too many fucking Melbourne peeps over there. Gah.

I made a wee promise to the best boy out there. Bitchard. Here you go pumpkin. Rich will most likely feature on this blog as me and Liz love checking out his rocking band. Love @ this Volume. Suss it.

Other news. We had drinks @ Cocos. I caught up with the dope Emira and we got Tappas and drinks. Yummm. then we ended up meeting Bitchards new friend Kira. sick chick. all the way from Bendigo.

In the light of the letter giving I had a wee think about the boy of my dreams. this is all i could come up with.
Bad ass James Dean.

they sure don't make them like they used to. Anyways if all things turn to shit next week I'll have to resort to dry humping pictures of James.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm loosing balance on the tightrope.

new years lameness as per every year.
overrated. work and gigs galore.

slightly broken. mending well.
potential restraining order. pyscho girls.

For those that even read this or care, ive been brewing over the last month or so.

i had a wee meltdown after an encounter with an old 'friend'. not really, cause friends probably aren't so much of a let down. a past memory perhaps.

hopefully ill see this past memory before I leave overseas so i can deliver some not so happy new to them and hopefully get some clarity. fingers crossed for me. it could mean the moving on of long standing issues or just the begining of freedom from my mind, heart and fear.

i shook hands with revolver this weekend as well as Snowy in Belfast ( check them out, they blow my mind) as well as Jamie T ( shit show, ipod narrating at best) and quality time with the best girl in all of this universe.

Friday, January 1, 2010

why i fucking hate twilight.

thought i'd start this new year off with a punctual blog entry.

i fucking hate twilight. can i just put it out there. I saw the movie and enjoyed it, only to read the 2nd book (wanted to kill myself) and then just finished the third book.

the amount of people i know that are SO involved with the whole twilight bullshit need to toughen the fuck up. seriously. what a stupid whinny little bitch, constantly complaining about life this and love that. boring. the third book was really good, other than the fact she chooses the vampire who she has to give up life for rather than the werewolf she doesn't have to give up anything for.

i cant believe that stephanie meyer or whoever wrote this fucked up so badly. seriously. she had so much more potential to change it into something better but apparently opts out for bella and edward to have a half vampire baby (so ANGEL) who jacobs imprints on. kinda pedo.

i cant believe ive even wasted all this time on this, but it fucking angers me that such a shit writer got away with an even shitter storyline and made it into a multimillion dollar franschise.

in better news. NEW YEARS. fun.

my new years resolutions are. to befriend my inner child. to finally see you for what you are and to no longer wait if its no longer requirerd. to get another tattoo. or three.

and to finish my degree and get some kick arse job that pays well. oh and to move to new york in 2011.