Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to schkoooolll. To prove to dad I'm not a fool

werd. School is back and less appealing than usual.

Started with a cool travel subject, skipped wed and then film today and animation tomorrow. FUN.

erhm. news. lets see. showcase on friday.

last night i spent 8 loooong hours working in hawthorn at the pharmacy. twas amazing. involved me either noodle box, serving snooty dumb bitches taking their credit cards for walkies and playing with UBER amounts of bior, lancome, estee lauder.
In other news. I aim to dance tonight, seriously burn up some sweat. Im fair boring as of late, obsessed with my boyfriend and uni. Oh and i semi took up smoking again, could be my major new love for French-esque stuff, including creamy fuck off meals.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mother F*cker...

Erhm. The main reason for my outlandish title is the fact that as I was about to right a title I just bit the living fuck out of my lip. Excuse the french, but it was enough to call a piecing.

Sooooo. Another few weeks have gone and I have been oh so lazy blogging. But here goes.

I guess I'll start with the weekend. Had a wee bit of blackberry phone sex with Lou and ended up having a good old catch up which started things well.

Work fri and sat night was dog shit. Sat night, went to the city and picked up my boyf then went to *shudders* the backpackers bar, which left me, ef, loy, jay n yukio just starring at these loud attrocious and funny 90s video clips. Gay.

Impressed with my outfit that night, I literally took 2 mins to put it together as I ran out the door. Floral tights, oversize silk green weird patterened blouse and boots and a bowlers hat.

Rasta-esque, brazillian hip hop party apparently was lame as I caught up with Lou and Izzie outside Miss Libs. Body was paralysed slighty.
Other ho ha includes the entire MMA dancing, getting ready for showcase except for me. A little down with my lack of amazing dance skills, but then again, ive come along ok.

Im lazy. Back to uni. Short sentences. Feeling sick in the tummy. Work tomorrow. Selling makeup. Wearing cool asian shirt. Miss efren. Love efren. Miss efren more. Tired. Nu Jacked out. Ghrff. USA. Clothes. Nylon.

Thats me in shorrt for tonight. Tomorrow I begin work at 2pm til 10pm, I could possibly die, however Im going to aim to eat healthy food and drink water in order to maxamise energy and minimize waist.

some dude from the Phils just facebooked me telling me Im hot. Asian boys annoy me.

artsie films
big eye make up
trackies n kicks
clashing stupid outfits
mma showcase
judges that wouldnt know hip hop if their life depended on it
over died peroxided hair on asians
not seeing my boyfriend
constantly wanting to throw up at night
feeling blue
not remember how to do a dance routine
dancing shit

okkkk. venting over. poice.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Growl. Weekend of Wet.

Bleh. Silly weekend full of rain and wind.

Bang! Started the weekend feeling very sorry indeed. By sorry I mean Sorry Grandma.

Miss Cute and a gentleman escorted me ( I drove) to Sorry Grandma after I finished work.

*love Sorry Grandma*

Wore a rather busy outfit. Still undecided if I love/hate it.

A wee bit hard to see, so I'll break it down. Black Giant Tutu, hot pink, bikini top from like the 70s, see through lace jumpsuit, bowlers hat and to top it off, Asian necklaces and pocahontas feather thing.

Saturday entailed driving to Philip Island, dinner, Baileys, CUDDLES and James and the Giant Peach. I bought not one thing of interest, except Yen magazine. Then Sunday I saw The Hangover, which just out of interest is fucking brilliant. Started Planning America Plans too, so far the list is:
-Disneyland, Universal, Hollywood, Rodeo, Lego Land, Sea World, San diego Zoo, Alcatraz, Grand Canyon, Vegas etc etc.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bitchin Barbie.

In pure tribute to the most bitchin of..bitches? (Barbie)I thought it was best if I wrote in pink.

Liza-Belle and myself went to see BARBIE exhibit at Fed Square. It was so amazing.

Barbie had fashion down pat, although I strongly disagree with her impeccible appearance. Why is there no couch potato Barbie, or fat day barbie, PMS barbie, just dumped by Ken barbie. Its all so unrealistic.

Speaking of Barbie. I LOVE LOVE the barbie edition of MAC makep, infact I love MAC. fullstop.

I have recently purchased A LOT of MAC. Ah well all in the name of love.

Will buy shit loads of the Stuff in the USA. I have already designated a good half a suitcase for it all.
Back to Barbie, I specifically suscribed to Vogue so as to get the limited edition 50 year vogue barbie. Its hot. Like Cruella De Ville.
Am going on Holiday for the weekend. Updates soon

Fashion. Bit and Pieces.

What to wear.

Completely obsessed with buying things as of late. Can't help myself. I literally am out of space and have started hanging dresses in my brothers cupboard.

My idols are.

Cory Kennedy. She is a trashy babe.

Im very into. Grunge-eske mixed with my usual asain charm and a bit of a hat and scarf thign.

Other idols include: Aygness, Edie Sedgwick, Harijuku Girls, trashy high way girls, black girls in fluro colours, japanese people in general, ocean girl, cartoon characters, butterflies, karl largerfield, christian loubiton, MAC (for making saving so goddamn fucking hard and thats about it..oh wait ALADIN! )


Its kind of hard to see, but im in the top left corner. That is my babe of a boyfriend dancing. But i liked this outfit. A lot. A group of cute Japanese break dancers agreed.

Other exciting momentus fashion bits and pieces.

I bought the following

-black calf buckle boots

-fluro pink tights

-fluro pink matching parachute tracksuit

-round bowlers hat

-awesome suspenders

-cute asain key chain

-grey t shirt

-pink, speedos bikini bra thing (makes tits look fab)

-demin skirt

-studded black waist coat

-2 black frindged wasitcoats one leather

-black jumpsuit, 2 actually. one is a unitard (stupid name)

-black lacey shirt

-black hoodie

-cool feathered head bands


-vogue subscription

I think thats about it. Maybe those two suede jackets too. Oops.

And 2 magazines, Oyster and Yen (apparently tax deductible)

Lady Laze away


I wish I were better at life in general or at least perhaps updating my blog. Clearly not so great at the later.

It has been a potential month and a bit since my last dismal attempt to blog.


Sydney happened..and then went in the blink of a wekeend. (P.S AM TOTALLY FUCKING PISSED OFF, CANNOT REMEMBER A SONG I WANA HEAR)

So Sydney, we drove up ( amazingly sucky idea really) Mad bonding experience, as you don't really have anywhere to go. I did the morning shift, a simply 2 hours within in Melbourne, suck dick to the rest of you. We got there at night, some sweet dude let us leave our awesome mode of transport AKA tarago at his house then we went to the hostel. In the spirit of EuroTrip i'll make this brief. checked in, visited dancekool, got mad turkish pizza, came home, shared single bunk bed with boyfriend like we were 15, got up, showered, went to the markets, bought crap, ate, had coffee, came back, went to dance show, had lunch with famous wahtever dance man, watched people be lame, watched jigsaw rehearse, bought shoes, watched show, ate, got wasted drunk. end. drive home.

Other things.

I had exams. ate alot. got fat alot. turned 21. bought a lot of shit

Speaking of turning 21, i Guess I must indulge in picturs. URGH.

This by the way is my boyfriend. He is Asain and i love it. His name is Efren.
Without being lame and talking about why I love
being his gf and being a lame fake bitch. This
is why I really do love him.
He doesn't complain when I get sooky and make him do things and throw pretend tantrums.
He is willing to compromise. Scenario. Set in Asain resturuant.
Meals arrive. Me: Hmmm. *pulls a bit of a face* Ef: is it nice baby? Me: Yep, Can I taste yours? Ef: Sure Me: Yours is really nice, you always pick the best. Ef: Did you want to swap. Me: nooo. its ok. Ef: Are you sure, swap!! Me: okk sure :)
He always trades, despite the fact he most often looses out.
Everyday is like the best day of my life.
In other news: Michael Jackson Died. It was sad, i teared up and enjoyed some seriously awesome music all day on the road. Cried again at heal the world. Promtly snuck in about 10 jackson songs to party play list. Awesome.