Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lady Laze away


I wish I were better at life in general or at least perhaps updating my blog. Clearly not so great at the later.

It has been a potential month and a bit since my last dismal attempt to blog.


Sydney happened..and then went in the blink of a wekeend. (P.S AM TOTALLY FUCKING PISSED OFF, CANNOT REMEMBER A SONG I WANA HEAR)

So Sydney, we drove up ( amazingly sucky idea really) Mad bonding experience, as you don't really have anywhere to go. I did the morning shift, a simply 2 hours within in Melbourne, suck dick to the rest of you. We got there at night, some sweet dude let us leave our awesome mode of transport AKA tarago at his house then we went to the hostel. In the spirit of EuroTrip i'll make this brief. checked in, visited dancekool, got mad turkish pizza, came home, shared single bunk bed with boyfriend like we were 15, got up, showered, went to the markets, bought crap, ate, had coffee, came back, went to dance show, had lunch with famous wahtever dance man, watched people be lame, watched jigsaw rehearse, bought shoes, watched show, ate, got wasted drunk. end. drive home.

Other things.

I had exams. ate alot. got fat alot. turned 21. bought a lot of shit

Speaking of turning 21, i Guess I must indulge in picturs. URGH.

This by the way is my boyfriend. He is Asain and i love it. His name is Efren.
Without being lame and talking about why I love
being his gf and being a lame fake bitch. This
is why I really do love him.
He doesn't complain when I get sooky and make him do things and throw pretend tantrums.
He is willing to compromise. Scenario. Set in Asain resturuant.
Meals arrive. Me: Hmmm. *pulls a bit of a face* Ef: is it nice baby? Me: Yep, Can I taste yours? Ef: Sure Me: Yours is really nice, you always pick the best. Ef: Did you want to swap. Me: nooo. its ok. Ef: Are you sure, swap!! Me: okk sure :)
He always trades, despite the fact he most often looses out.
Everyday is like the best day of my life.
In other news: Michael Jackson Died. It was sad, i teared up and enjoyed some seriously awesome music all day on the road. Cried again at heal the world. Promtly snuck in about 10 jackson songs to party play list. Awesome.

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