Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bitchin Barbie.

In pure tribute to the most bitchin of..bitches? (Barbie)I thought it was best if I wrote in pink.

Liza-Belle and myself went to see BARBIE exhibit at Fed Square. It was so amazing.

Barbie had fashion down pat, although I strongly disagree with her impeccible appearance. Why is there no couch potato Barbie, or fat day barbie, PMS barbie, just dumped by Ken barbie. Its all so unrealistic.

Speaking of Barbie. I LOVE LOVE the barbie edition of MAC makep, infact I love MAC. fullstop.

I have recently purchased A LOT of MAC. Ah well all in the name of love.

Will buy shit loads of the Stuff in the USA. I have already designated a good half a suitcase for it all.
Back to Barbie, I specifically suscribed to Vogue so as to get the limited edition 50 year vogue barbie. Its hot. Like Cruella De Ville.
Am going on Holiday for the weekend. Updates soon

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