Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Woes.

I am officially fed up with the weather at the moment. It has pissed down rain over and over and the worst thing is it isn't even consistant. Drainer.

Current things of happiness.

-planning my birthday

-sitting on the couch in ugg boots and trackies


-waiting for sydney

Welcome to the new love of my life.

charmed is like taking 10 years off my life or so, it also gives me full confidence that all the fashions that were, should never be so again.

Secretly just waiting till Prue dies. I've watched my way through season one and two.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New York New York

so here goes.

I'm heading in a big ole plane to the land of fortune and fame. With bright lights, street cities and Hollywood , and stars in cement where stars stood.

I couldn't be more excited even if I tried for US.

Plans are to go from Vegas and work my way to New York with Ef.

This is what inspires me so far

Little Miss Cute.

Miss Uber Cute.

so. here you have it. Today, only moments ago to be exact there was a giant throwdown to challenge the title of Miss Uber Cute.

This is rather a huge title. The winner is the most uber of cutes, a feat that should not go untalked about.


  1. Have to send me the cutest picture

  2. Find me the cutest name that exists

  3. Write me a cute poem

Perhaps the most important part.

The challengers.

Intro: Miss Mousey

Don't let her cute mouse ears shy you into thinking she won't put up a hell of a fight.

And of course the reining queen, Miss Flame.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Factory Fun.


Flavour. Fashion. Addictive. Classic.

I strongly believe that me and cute are Edie's biggest fans.

I love the whole 60s movement. The disco. The clothes. The politics.

Warhol and Edie is like ice cream and cake.

Factory Girl just did't do her justice. She was far more fabulous.

She was a natural born actor.

Introducing the rest of the U b e r gang.


what's cute with red hair, long locks and model poses and pouts to die for?

My Cute.

You might not be jealous yet, but you should be. This one pulls of wiked street style better than any skater boi.

She also pulls off being a babe better than any model I know. And she managed to find room to eat her daily serve of nice everyday and never throws it up.

She oozes uber.
Life with Lizabelle.

Lizabelle. The dopest cat around. I love her

We've been partying since we were 4 rocking out at kindergym.

You name it. She's good at it.

kindergym. netball. school. uni. our lives have continued to pull us together time after time.

Prince. 161. That emo morning at revolver. Saint. Countless mooshy dinner dates.

Keep posted for many more adventures to come.

Life after Rehab.


Amusing how a nick name could take off for so long. Apparently its not my real name.

So life after Rehab, think of it as you will.

I dedicate this opening blog to my best friend. Lizabelle, as rumours so often do, the amuse us with there pathetic falseness. So I salute you Liza B and your stay in 'rehab'.

This is me.