Saturday, March 27, 2010


missing overseas a lot.
can't decide where to save for next, so i'll just save.

Thailand or Philippines again at the end of this year?
Europe for 6 weeks next year?
America/South America next year?


elephants and face statue, outside Central World Mall, Bangkok


Before 4 wd bikes

Outside Gullys.

cebu. Disco.


fighting fury.


feels like im walking down a never ending battlezone.

no longer sure about who's the enemy.

This poem is for every soul thats had to continue one, despite all the odds.

For the girls that cried themselves to sleep.

the boys who watched the girls of their dreams fall in love with another.

The hours spent on preening, only to be cancelled on.

The lonely hearts that so desperately want to fall asleep in a world of white starry dreams only to be woken up by another lonely heart, ready to connect.

for the minutes, hours, days, weeks and years you spend hoping.

for everytime you said you were ok, when you werent.

A Soldier

There is discipline in a soldier

you can see it when he walks,

There is honor in a soldier

you hear it when he talks.

There is courage in a soldier
you can see it in his eyes,
There is loyalty in a soldier
that he will not compromise.

There is something in a soldier
that makes him stand apart,
There is strength in a soldier
that beats from his heart.

A soldier isn't a title
any man can be hired to do,
A soldier is the soul of that man
buried deep inside of you.

ChenMan. Artistic revolt.

Monday, March 22, 2010

whatever trevor.

Trevor. King.

talented in his skill, but perhaps even more so in his style.
I like Trevor King's work. A lot.
He seems to capture a sense of isolation, the struggle with self and the lonliness that makes up the journey we call life.
Interesting use of Light. some shots remind me of Sophia Copolla's screen shots.

Shots taken from Oyster Magazine.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you.

I heart my Mojitos.

A few snaps from Q bar the other week.

Me and Milky.
Madame M and Milky

Fluffy and Ash

Very Fluffy.

Milky and Saris.

Some new photos.

Love to Georges Antoni. Taking fashion photography to a slightly out of this world experience.

Thought of my day.

I tried to do handstands for you

I tried to do headstands for you

Every time I fell on you yeah every time I fell
I tried to do handstands for you

But every time I fell for you

I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for


reflection at its wildest.

God damn. I love a good Sunday when you desperately wish you had either more time, or more sense throughout the weekend.

what a mix and match weekend i had. most notably being at the rowing after party. Saw Madame M this weekend. P. I. C.

cannot believe we ended up where we did.
life's strange really.
spent Sunday with Rich learning about the way Jimmy touched other peoples's lifes.
I came to the conclusion from talking to everyone
he really was just an amazing guy.
having an impact on people
despite meeting them once, or knowing them a life time.
Death really fucks me off. What's our purpose, what's the bigger plan?
Why didn't anyone give us a manual on how to survive?
I hope all the low life's, drug over dosers, criminals and general riff raff know how lucky they are to have lived through another day, when beautiful souls are taken all around us.
to young to leave.
yet more acomplished than many adults I know.
Got to meet Kat, Jimmy's girlfriend.
I'm not sure if you read this or not
however I spent several conversations
admiring the way Jimmy spoke of you.
I'm so glad to have finally met you,
as Jimmy said I'd like you.
Strength in humanity is sometimes to much.
The previous week has given me perspective on the complexities of life.
I no longer intend to give a fuck about pointless shit.
Seeing people offer their friendship has made me question a lot.
To be blunt is somewhat confronting, but I fee like life is to short to pretend Im smart enough and strong enough for head games.
I've realised, there's no prize for who plays the hardest.
It appears the harder you play, the less chance you have of walking away with anything.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rest in perfect harmony.

sometimes the worst things happen to the best people.
In particular, James Cross. Friend of Bitchard's, member of Love @ This Volume and Snowy in Belfast.

It breaks my heart to see you leave this world. you were a gift and anyone who has been touched by you will understand why.

"music makes the people, come together. yeah." Madonna.
If that's the case then your passion for music definately did this.
My love and heart opens for your family and friends, the band, the fans and anyone you spent 5 mins with just chatting.
I never got to thank you for noticing a certain time I was down, but the fact that you picked it up even when people i'd known for years didnt, showed how truly genuine you were in caring for others.
I guess the man upstairs realised
how much talent you had
and perhaps thats why
he plucked you from earth.
I guess his plan for you in heaven was bigger than his plan for you here on earth.
As you're walking up that big, long, cloudy path to heaven.
don't be afraid to sing and practise your bango, even try some harmonica.
god knows your friends could do with some music falling upon them tonight.
I know its not your preferred music taste.
please dont cry, going to heaven dont mean that ill die, im gonna live forever, downdeep inside your heart until it stops and they send you up here
but until that time your gonna be fine ill watchover you from here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

All that glitters in this world is sure to fade..

Daul Kim.

Raised in Seoul and Singapore, Kim modeled in Asia before making her fashion week debut in Paris in 2007, modeling for top brands like Chanel, Dries van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela

Kim also was an accomplished painter and video filmmaker who had a solo show of her artwork in Seoul.

A 20-year-old top South Korean model who was a fashion week regular in New York, Milan and Paris has been found hanged in her Paris apartment

Rest. Not in pieces. As a whole, being in pieces is what tore her apart.

I've discovered lots of pretty new things as of late.
wine. new friends. photography.

It makes me wonder where do all the good things go?

mourning loss.

Tegan and Sarah. Where does the good go.

"Where do you go with your broken heart in towWhat do you do with the left over youAnd how do you know, when to let goWhere does the good go, where does the good go."

a boy let me in on his musical secret.

suprisingly not a bad choice.

Whitest Boy Alive. I can relate.

I'm so happy you called
I really needed a break
From all the people I see
All the people I spend time with

Where did my summer go
The week that was canceled
Was my only chance
To get out of this place

So how have you been
I heard about your problem
At the end of this road
A common solution

My favourite thing about you
Please don't get me wrong
How natural it feels
Five Minutes without talking
Five Minutes without talking