Friday, September 25, 2009

Mong. Tastic

Evil 1, Katja 0

This is going to be a giant post because its bin SO long since I cared to frequent in some blogging business.

Montanasa/Loose Joint/Hip hop Awakening week occured.
I saw sydney people, ate, came home, woke up, got up, arrived to MMA,prepped for registration,got a cold in one nostril hung around for ALL of the battles,ate soup, got a cold in both nostils, sped to crown got their late, ran around getting BACKSTAGE passes for lots of annoying winging people that did heads in, sorted out, got performers on stage, stressed out, got really sick, had a fever, took melvins place for 2nd half of show, managed the stage...died..revived, smoked, freaked out, re arranged my stupid giant headset and pack, finished, wee-ed, got the fuck out of there, ate, snotted, somehow made it to the lobby, efren lost the ticket, efren looked and looked, efren found the ticket, i hit efren, got in the car and managed it home..presume i passed out.

Sunday was Our Backyard, battles, an amazing time chilling on the grass, wondering things, doing things, saying things, good riddance to Sydney people, MMA, home, dinner..crash.

Monday was a essay cram and then workshops. Most inspiring workshop I've ever done. Loose Joint was as down to earth as anyone could of wished for.

Tuesday. Beware me and the raddest chick around.. LEE are bringing EXPRESS Yo'Self to print. BOO YAW. also on latter thought, i skipped out on karni's bday due to illness/thought of seeing my ex.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The worst week.

I'm not sure if this is a good week or bad week. Im currently fevering my brains out and about to go pick up the bf.

-I'm seriously pissed, just when you think you can count on the people who love you, they often let you down.

-I've had a few meltdowns and feeling low

-I'm full of fever and sickness

Weekend is nearly here. Friday is uni, assignment and work (potential visit to MMA afterwards)

Saturday- 11am MMA, all day working my arse off until 5, where I get to rush over to Crown and then start the second half of the night from 7 until whenever.

Might have to kickstart the engine to even make it to the after party.

Sunday is our backyard, Loose Joint thing, Revolver gig and then Monday is assignment and workshops.

Tuesday is uni then death.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Viva La Chapelle

I couldn't have fit more pictures if I tried. I'm not sure what's with the recent outburst of creative but I think it has something to do with summer coming and no longer inspiring anything.

I actually knew this Dave Chapelle before the comedian. There was ONE. or. TWO amusing conversations in which translation was lost..

I love the way his work takes the glam into a new dimension. It's like grown up Alice in Wonderland fashion porn.

I like this one best.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cest La Vi

there is no point of this blog except to just write crap about what i like at the moment.

I feel better. There is no easy way to live life. You don't always make the right choices and you nearly always make mistakes.

The answer in life always lies in what happens first, from there the rest comes. Without the past there is no chance of understanding the present. However if you dont leave the past behind the present has no chance to grow into the future.

you over understand
without intending love leaves another
love withers away you see
burning eternity indifferent nothing
missed youth
hurt everlasting, another reminder today.

I didnt think. It really cant be changed now. Crying may help I don't bother to regret but
I won't just forget.Only those who've felt like this before will even care

I guess the only thing to do is move on and smile.
Sometimes we loose sight of the bigger picture protecting others.

this is everything i wish for in a boy...someone to blow bubbles with an sail boats

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Game Over.

Shit week. I can barely breathe its been so jam packed of shit. If i have one more single issue I have to deal with then its game over. I choose to end all issues from now on.

I want more than I can handle. No doubt one heart will be a little crushed by the end of the week..regrettably mine.
To hold onto one thing I neeed to let go of another.
If i let go of the other I feel like I won't quite be ok with it.
I officially detest life this week and this post is uber depresso but what can I do, I cant change feelings or push myself to make choices I don't want to. Everything happens tomorrow.

Someone special gave me this song to think about : Phoenix..If I Ever Feel Better.
I choose these lyrics.
"If I ever feel better Remind me to spend some good time with you You can give me your number When it's all over I'll let you know "

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring Fling.

Having some major fling-age with a certain famous girl.
M.I.A- funny enough thats how I feel at the moment, missing out of action more like it..i haven't been out for a while now. Bless the happy little sun today though, may it continue over the weekend as I'm sure my naughty mishaps will need some sunshine on them.