Thursday, April 28, 2011


Getting ready to rug up and lock down for Winter. It's getting cold and slightly harder to pry myself from my bed. Icky. I need myself another lover to snuggle up to.

Something about Kate.

Kate Moss.
Proving that age doesnt affect how smoking hot you can be, Kate Moss bares a bit of breast for the Vogue Paris shoot. Love the fifth shot, amazing contrast of colour and perhaps an indication of where body suits and swimwear might head next season.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

lady boy.

can't believe this trend caught on.

oh marchesa.

robber off some chicks blog. so thanks.

A Fancy Affair.

A few rather poshy pictures I must say. It appears that because everyone else has completely lost their marbles over some balding posh tosh boy and his pretty lady getting married. I however don't give a fuck about the royal wedding. I'd rather tickle my eyeballs with a sharp knife.

choke me. spank me.

I'm Klumming.
There are some things in life that leave me feeling incredibly guilty. Some of those things include laughing at people falling, throwing out good food and pictures of Heidi Klum from DT magazine. Taken in February, they really help me aspire to getting toned. If the old bag can do it after several kids then what the hell is my excuse.

guinevere van seenus