Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mother F*cker...

Erhm. The main reason for my outlandish title is the fact that as I was about to right a title I just bit the living fuck out of my lip. Excuse the french, but it was enough to call a piecing.

Sooooo. Another few weeks have gone and I have been oh so lazy blogging. But here goes.

I guess I'll start with the weekend. Had a wee bit of blackberry phone sex with Lou and ended up having a good old catch up which started things well.

Work fri and sat night was dog shit. Sat night, went to the city and picked up my boyf then went to *shudders* the backpackers bar, which left me, ef, loy, jay n yukio just starring at these loud attrocious and funny 90s video clips. Gay.

Impressed with my outfit that night, I literally took 2 mins to put it together as I ran out the door. Floral tights, oversize silk green weird patterened blouse and boots and a bowlers hat.

Rasta-esque, brazillian hip hop party apparently was lame as I caught up with Lou and Izzie outside Miss Libs. Body was paralysed slighty.
Other ho ha includes the entire MMA dancing, getting ready for showcase except for me. A little down with my lack of amazing dance skills, but then again, ive come along ok.

Im lazy. Back to uni. Short sentences. Feeling sick in the tummy. Work tomorrow. Selling makeup. Wearing cool asian shirt. Miss efren. Love efren. Miss efren more. Tired. Nu Jacked out. Ghrff. USA. Clothes. Nylon.

Thats me in shorrt for tonight. Tomorrow I begin work at 2pm til 10pm, I could possibly die, however Im going to aim to eat healthy food and drink water in order to maxamise energy and minimize waist.

some dude from the Phils just facebooked me telling me Im hot. Asian boys annoy me.

artsie films
big eye make up
trackies n kicks
clashing stupid outfits
mma showcase
judges that wouldnt know hip hop if their life depended on it
over died peroxided hair on asians
not seeing my boyfriend
constantly wanting to throw up at night
feeling blue
not remember how to do a dance routine
dancing shit

okkkk. venting over. poice.

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