Monday, January 31, 2011

Lanvin is oh lovely.

Adore this ensemble. Great shoulder pads

Big hair is back. Boom

Lanvin hits the colour and the detail of this dress with perfection. It would appear bold is back.

Gaga over this.

Love how this scream Cruella De Ville.

I need a bowtie. Anyone want to give me one? Love the frill of the shirt too.

Fuck yeah! Tophat.

By far my favourite. This reminds me of an old lincraft fashion book.

Old Lanvin Bag 2010

Oh Carla Nyquist.

If I swung that way I'd probably chose Carla as my girlfriend. Unfortunately for both me and Carla I don't...not really. She's got a asian/amazon exoticness and looks a little like bambi. Great eyebrows and takes a fierce editorial shot.






Pictures thanks to :

we are handsome.

So handsome is the Avairy collection by We Are Handsome. Kinda old now, being summer and all however, nothing else in swimwear has got me as excited as this.

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Beijing Show

Few images that are inspiring me at the moment. Even though the most of them kinda winter themed, I still can't move away from that rock-esque look that seemed to dominate throughout winter. Pretty sure the ring is Alex Wang, would definately grab myself one.

Colour is back and its back in the Prada show, bold prints remind me of the 80s and 90s powersuit era. I think I might have to invest in a few bright pieces this summer/spring. Hard to update the wardrobe while trying to save up for Europe and moving overseas..I'll find a way.

* Pixie * Dust *

love these images. makes me feel like the girl I am half of the time. Especially love the Tie Rack bow tie, could do some damage with it and a dressy white shirt.

Source: Cherry blossum girl, Love Aesthitics, Park & Cube and a few others.