Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion. Bit and Pieces.

What to wear.

Completely obsessed with buying things as of late. Can't help myself. I literally am out of space and have started hanging dresses in my brothers cupboard.

My idols are.

Cory Kennedy. She is a trashy babe.

Im very into. Grunge-eske mixed with my usual asain charm and a bit of a hat and scarf thign.

Other idols include: Aygness, Edie Sedgwick, Harijuku Girls, trashy high way girls, black girls in fluro colours, japanese people in general, ocean girl, cartoon characters, butterflies, karl largerfield, christian loubiton, MAC (for making saving so goddamn fucking hard and thats about it..oh wait ALADIN! )


Its kind of hard to see, but im in the top left corner. That is my babe of a boyfriend dancing. But i liked this outfit. A lot. A group of cute Japanese break dancers agreed.

Other exciting momentus fashion bits and pieces.

I bought the following

-black calf buckle boots

-fluro pink tights

-fluro pink matching parachute tracksuit

-round bowlers hat

-awesome suspenders

-cute asain key chain

-grey t shirt

-pink, speedos bikini bra thing (makes tits look fab)

-demin skirt

-studded black waist coat

-2 black frindged wasitcoats one leather

-black jumpsuit, 2 actually. one is a unitard (stupid name)

-black lacey shirt

-black hoodie

-cool feathered head bands


-vogue subscription

I think thats about it. Maybe those two suede jackets too. Oops.

And 2 magazines, Oyster and Yen (apparently tax deductible)

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