Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's been a long time, since I left you.

Without a dope beat to step too? Rude I know.

I've self divorced myself and half of my love and assets are here with blogger the other is with my tumblr.

I'm redesigning myself and my blog right here from London. Correct, another Australian that's made the journey from Australia to live in London and see what it's all about. 
I don't want to make my mark here, I'm not fussed for those things, I just want a chance to escape the reality of familiarity and challenge myself a little. Being the sucker that I am I'll try and share the love between the two but it's hard being a single blog mother. You know what's up. 

So a brief recap of where I've been the last few months before we head off into this new era of blogging goodness. Leaving my fair home Melbourne at the start of the year, I graced Malaysia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore with my presence before I made London my official permanent home for a while. 

There are adventures, there are naughty stories but overall there are the secrets we learn about ourselves that make traveling the most worthwhile thing in life. Having seen so many sides to the world I feel confused as to who I want to be now. Do I live the 'indie' dream and wander around completely free of anything, basking in faux and often exaggerated attempts of proving I'm sticking it to the man? Perhaps I decide to become a successful socialite, only partying with spoilt brats and 'it' people. 

The adventure continues. Stick around...