Tuesday, September 28, 2010


ALDO for Julian Louie

some seriously wild contrasting going on here, love the bold clashing colours and depth of texture.

shows the experience and flair of the designers at aldo.

no doubt well above my budget before the UK however.
ill consider grabbing a pair.
could be worth the no doubt $600 price tag.

Holy Pleet.

samantha pleet.
oh no you didnt.
well, she did.

cute designs. makes every girl want to get screwed in the wild.

Samantha Pleet - Spring 2010 from Samantha Pleet on Vimeo.


Willow: On top of the food chain

Never being one to stick to conventional, Kit Willow Podgornik has commenced the launch of her Spring Summer 2011 with a fierce growl, choosing to use video marketing to get the attention of Fashion critics. The short film titled Lady into Cat, is beautifully isolated and wild, showcasing the ‘Untamed Wisdom’ collection on Australian model, Emma Balfour. The short film is some of fashion photographer, Sharif Hamza’s best work, capturing the seductiveness of the fashion, the wilderness and the majestic puma seen lurking throughout the film. Witness the wild at its best at www.willowltdcom.