Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time flies

Ive wasted the last 3 years an university and have barely noticed it go by. Just a thought.Anyway. Tonight was a big night for me. I had to take a leap of faith and start this new thing about starting fresh.
Past feelings were spoken of so that new ones could benefit. I feel only step closer to peace.
I have an assignment due tomorrow but I'm lacking inspiration. BOO.So I tried for some.

Strange how people can suprise you. Ive seen many talented and beautiful things but this artist still manages to blow my mind.He's a very good friend of mine. He's so good that I want him to design my tattoo, let his talent be permanent.

I was actually watching The Boat that Rocked @ his house and I am so back in love with everything about rock and roll. Don't get me wrong. I love hip hop, house, electro and punk era, I enjoyed the no bra wearing vibe of rock. But British rock beginings always stir something up in me. The slightly more risque version of rock..yeah peace is swell but so was the crazy nature of drugtaking, short skirts and sex.

It may be the naughties but I vote to party like the years of rock.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Going Gone.

Apparently my life is going going gone. I am the most busiest person I could be at the moment. Why is it always so long in between blogs?

The latest news is rather boring. Just been at uni, working etc. Had Vanessa's 21st on the weekend. Had an interview to do today about adoption which was different.

Perks this week however include free tickets to the movies tomorrow via MMA and then goldclass on Sunday from Pulse. In between i'll make time to pass uni.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Im in the midst of my 4 Hour break. Massive boo. so what else does a super dooper craetive type do..dream
I love this movie. Paprika. Makes you never want to dream again
Can't wait to be in Thailand :)
I love these.

Crazy Arse MO FO.

I will aim to find a shirt of similar worth in Thailand

Am going to buy these or similar docs in Thailand.hopefully floral ones.they are my ultimate favourites

Asian love contd.

I've become rather good at managing time this week so I've decided to blog frequently.

It's the end of the week finally so the weekend is HERE :)

current activities involve
Wed-uni then dancing (epic class)
meeting for Montanasa
pover :)

Thurs- woke up late, dropped bf off
went to uni, spent all day at uni
came home did homework
Went to contemp production A
MAZING!! Vertical Shadows group really did amazing things. LOVED the ballet dancers costume

took my brother as my date and had the BEST china bar experience after. 2 serves of prawn dumplings and banana smoothie.

this is my uber Harijuko inspired outfit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asian Love.

i am an addict. completely reliant and obsessed with Asian stuff.

Favorite loves.
  1. Cartoon characters ie. Hello Kitty
  2. Bright colours
  3. Hair Clips and Accessories
  4. Toyko
  5. Harajuko Girls
  6. T shirts with half naked Japstars on them
  7. Weird and crazy shoes
  8. and food. All Asian food

check out some of my favorites from:

Now that I'm going to Thailand and maybe the Philippines in January, I'll be able to feed my addiction

I'll also aim to find this Lilo and Stich Suit

Little Bo Peep- Love the big oversized hair bows

lace. hearts. innocent

Maybe try and find a cute umbrella?


Bright Makeup.

Loads of Hair Clips


PINK. Cute little coin purses

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hip Hop Hooray

Another few weeks goes past and I'm yet to make ANY entries.

At the moment my life is completely and totally focused on working.. Paid work, uni work, dancing school work. Except for friends and lover ( thats not work)

Latest news? I have made some desperate attempts at not being boring as of late. It's been quite busy, after my horrific hip hop showcase performance I'm determined not to suck. I saw it for the first time today, just looking around while everyone else is dancing. Oh well.

I ventured out to the Saint. It was almost a night of disco treats, although my inner grandma stopped me. I had Richard's 21st the other night. Everyone looked like an uber babe. Great to see school people, its amazing how fucking amazing a lot of people are. Acheiving shit and all.

USA plans are delayed. I need a second job to afford the amount of shit I want to buy. Am currently researching everything that I can about CHEAP accom and food and outtings etc.

I had the most awesome lunch date today. BIMBOS. I ate my Pizza in like 5.2 mins. Huge week this week. Uni, Homework, Dancing, Contempory dance production, catch up with Greeneyez, more uni and then work. GAH.