Monday, April 30, 2012

Loving it large. #Burlesque unbuttoned.

Bringing burlesque back with her never fail approach to being sexy, Von Teese has done it again with her new underwear line, Von Follies. 
For all my Australian friends, great news as it's available at Target however for the rest of you, a little internet searching will ensure your booty is looking bootiful.

Naughty but nice.

Bringing feminine back

1. Von Follies Spot Mesh Fitted Chemise
2. Von Follies Spot Embroidery Bra and suspenders
3. Von Follies Overwire bra and panties
4. Von Follies Satin Quilting Corset
5. Von Follies Blue/Black Stretch Lace Bustier
6. Von Follies Blue/Black Stretch Lace Bustier
7. Von Follies Animal Print bra and suspenders
8. Von Follies Spot Embroidery Bra and suspenders
9. Von Follies Animal Print Fitted chemise

Loving it large. #Louboutin love.

For Londoner's its about to be another exciting moment in Louboutin history. Celebrating 20 years of creating the finest in footwear, Christian Louboutin showcases his collection at the London Design Museum, opening tomorrow to the general public. It's only fair to commemorate the event by showing a few of his pieces.



1. Dita Von Teese looking elegant in a Herve. L. Leroux gown
2. Striking gold and black
3. Ghetto bling
4.Marie Antoinette editions
5.The ever famous take on ballet shoes, beware of snapping off the ankles
6. The golden years
7. Herve. L. Leroux gown

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lust Have. #Middle finger salute.

Loving things a little left of center at the moment, a bit of a fuck you to always looking lovely.

Alexander Wang coat

1. House of Holland (Urban Outfitters)
2. Vintage Army Surplus (Urban Outfitters)
3. House of Holland
4. Acne
5. Alexander Wang

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Loving it Large. #Neon brights

1.Loving neon shades and feathered lashes
2. Big bright color palettes.
3.Corals back, actually I don't think it even left.
4.Tight hair, big lips.
5.Modern Twiggy. Free love for that.
6.Sephora advertisement, dark kohl

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lust have. # Dead Ringer.

Lusting the shit out of crazy rings at the moment, this is most likely because I am in London and all my beautiful things, including a lot of my jewellery is all the way back in Australia. Loving hand chains as well, especially the ones I've seen in Topshop. Pity they keep selling out so quickly, going to get me some of that this


Monday, April 23, 2012

Lust worthy. #Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free.
She’s amazing. She’s wild. Best of all she’s free.
American model, Charlotte Free has been fashion’s talked about rock princess for the past year, due to her dip dyed pink locks which has caused a fair bit of excitement on the catwalk.
With her punk rock edge and her 5”7 height it’s a refreshing change to see in the fashion world. Straight edge vs edgy. For many girls that don’t fit the general model prototype, fully inferring that many models are robots, it’s great to see women like Charlotte Free, Amber Rose and My Hertsgard it’s great to see some diversity.
Fashion has come along was since the fresh faced muses like Kate Moss. Thank god.

Trend Setter. #Hip Hop Story Board

Because said so.

Instant Inspiration. #India inspire me.

1. Holi festival, India
2.Indian banquet, come at me
3.Wedding jewellery + Henna
4. Sari central, beautiful women of India
5.Indian wedding decorations, Western version
6. Holi in action
7. Nose decoration, beautiful girl
8.Churi, Indian glass bangles. 
9.India colours
10.A spicy nation