Monday, November 29, 2010

Warehouse wonderland.

Lat Reading.
Dan. Kim and Latoyah.
Me being crazy.
Lat and Kim
I oh you bitches.

Saturday night in the weekend saga. Warehouse party for pedestrian TV. Was so messy. Begun the night at blue bar with Latoyah and then somehow we managed to find this little shindig.

We fucked shit up. Beer. Hot dog throwing. Things got to an all time low when I spat beer all over daniel and vice versa, best night in a long time.

This guy stopped by. Let's call him c*nt. Not cause he is, just cause. We all chewed on a few little goodies.
I woke up in his bed.
Gotta say. he's beyond bad for me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

If perfect where a real world.

great weekend.

I begun the festivities on Thursday night.
started at the social diary xmas party.

it was wicked fun.

the cocktails were to die for. photo booth was crazy and overall just a great environment. met some cool people which was fun.
then saw shenki. amongst a random stop. overal trashy behaviour.

apparently i kissed people.girls.

fri. dead.

sat. not much better. feeling this could be viral not inflicted.
sat. work. hoe-tel. waste of time. city. full moon. bullet through my skull.
came across a few things i like.

few images i like.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


that's right.

Litte Red Riding Hood is coming to town.

Amanda Seyfried looks beautiful in the movie.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

fuck the po-lice

yeah yeah.
im back for now.

enjoy it while it lasts.
I have an epic week this week.
Wed. Icon PR, Syn Radio then Bimbos date with my girls.,vip night, Social Diary Xmas party
LATV gig. (photos to come)
Fri. Work and maybe some disco.
Sat. Work then Motel.
Sun. Work.

sooooo. i guess i work alot.
Here's a few pictures for the day.

source: Korean Vogue

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leah de Warvin



Love Leah de Warvin. She's done some amazing shoots.

Knight and Day

feeling a bit wild lately. thought these pictures worked well with my mood.


images: hotel pool, fantasea, phuket zoo, cass near phi phi, little fishes in Jungceylon


back again.
i havent stopped lately.
exams.internship.blogging for other
work. eh.
here's a snap shot at what else i've been upto.
pollenblog:through my internship.
i've also been writing for
everything i want from life finally has the chance to happen.
it just feels like i have no one to share it with.
all my friends are in different places, doing different things.
im full of inspiration. but feel so constrained
by this place.
i cannot wait to be overseas. eh.