Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Loving it large. # All things black

Loving all things black still, I guess I really am a Melbourne fan. 
With so many different fabrics and details in fashion, it's great to see the color black be reworked time and time again. From high end fashion to the rocking indie subculture, everyone does black well.

1. Big black Hermes bags, stylish makes a statement.
2. Proving we have endless options.
3. Black, studded, loafers. The perfect shoe is complete.
4. Jimmy Choo for Hunter, a very appropriate pairing.
5. Big black army boots, timeless fashion statement.
6. Fringey and leather, revamping the little black hot pant.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lust Worthy. # Marina and The Diamonds

As always slightly alternative pop singer, Marina and the Diamonds dazzles and her Primadona video clip which brings 40s Hollywood glam into a new improvised version, creating pure sex on film. I'm in love with Marina's Primadona make up and desperately want to try and draw a little heart on soon. Perhaps I'll find a cute enough sticker. Bottom lid false eye lashes give her a little something.

The stunning Marina and the Diamonds in Primadona

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lust have. # Myob jewelry

Should stand for maybe you ought buy, wicked cool hip hop styled jewelry, putting a 90s Fresh Prince of Bel Air spin on today's new looks. Mixed with bright colors, bold pattern and a contrasting amount of detail, you'll need big ones to pull these off. All the way from Japan, this is better than the usual forward fashion products they have, perfect if you want something no one else has.

1. Circle Tut Ankh Amon Earrings
2. Yo! Yo! Earrings (Black and Green)
3. MYOB triangle Ring (Gold)
4. 4 Colors Big Triangle Pierce (Pink)
5.Border Ball Triangle Pierce (Green and Pink)
6. Lego Color Triangle
7. Big M Bone (Black and Blue)
8. MYOB pierce (Black and white)

get it here

Instant Inspiration. #paper art

Found these images on my computer, reminded me of coiling in primary school.  So simple in idea, yet so intricate in detail. I love finding new art to inspire me into getting down to it and doing some of my own.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lust worthy. #Annie Hall

With her surprisingly stunning androgynous look, Annie Hal captured the hearts of fashionistas of the late 70s all the way through to today's crowd. 
Matching suit pants, tweed everything, tailored waistcoats and a bit of Gammy Hall's personal style she rocks out a carefree take on masculine chic-he.

I'll be pairing chinos and big overdone felt hats this spring, as soon as the weather turns warm enough. I might even through in that oversized beach tote to toss all my junk into.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Personal Snapshot #goodbye xx

 heart skipped a beat.

Please don't say we're done
When I'm not finished
I could give so much more
Make you feel, like never before
Welcome, they said welcome to the floor

It's been a while

And you've found someone better
But I've been waiting too long to give this up
The more I see, I understand
But sometimes, I still need you
And I was struggling to get in
Left waiting outside your door
I was sure
You'd give me more

No need to come to me

When I can make it all the way to you
You made it clear
You weren't near
Near enough for me

Heart skipped a beat

And when I caught it you were out of reach
But I'm sure, I'm sure
You've heard it before

somethings must come to an end, i'm done chasing an elusive dream. The people who really love you will never make you come to you, they'll always meet you half way.
they'll never leave you without saying goodbye. In the words of Lauryn Hill, "baby girl, respect is just a minimum." Thank you to all the people in my life who've done this. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trend Setter. #Coloured White

London lovers are all embracing the upcoming season with a whole new range of pretty look. For me, reality still hasn't hit, the weather is still cold at best and I'd never wear my new white bits and bobs in this awful weather. For those heading across the border into sunny Europe this is what's up. 

Nabil Nayal. Amazing in white.


1. Nabil Nayal white and grey detailed jacket.
2. Nabil Nayal sheer white coat with collar and sleeve detail
3. Nabil Nayal mini dress
4. Nail Nayal oh so sheer blouse.
5. Pins and Needles lace detailed hot-shorts (urban outfitters)
6. Acne lace detailed tank
7. Kimchi platform high-tops
8. Acne lucille short dress with raglan sleeves
9. Cheap Monday sheer detailed blouse
10. Acne extreme lace maxi dress
11. Cheap Monday high necked, pocketed jacket
12. Evil Twin Shredded maxi knit