Monday, July 13, 2009

Growl. Weekend of Wet.

Bleh. Silly weekend full of rain and wind.

Bang! Started the weekend feeling very sorry indeed. By sorry I mean Sorry Grandma.

Miss Cute and a gentleman escorted me ( I drove) to Sorry Grandma after I finished work.

*love Sorry Grandma*

Wore a rather busy outfit. Still undecided if I love/hate it.

A wee bit hard to see, so I'll break it down. Black Giant Tutu, hot pink, bikini top from like the 70s, see through lace jumpsuit, bowlers hat and to top it off, Asian necklaces and pocahontas feather thing.

Saturday entailed driving to Philip Island, dinner, Baileys, CUDDLES and James and the Giant Peach. I bought not one thing of interest, except Yen magazine. Then Sunday I saw The Hangover, which just out of interest is fucking brilliant. Started Planning America Plans too, so far the list is:
-Disneyland, Universal, Hollywood, Rodeo, Lego Land, Sea World, San diego Zoo, Alcatraz, Grand Canyon, Vegas etc etc.

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  1. from the not-so-clear picture of your outfit....i think it looks super cool
    as your outfits always do