Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Miranda. Our lovely Australian Fantasy.

I can't say I jumped up and down when Miranda Kerr hit the headlines for being an overall babe, married to Orlando or having a bubba BUT you have to give the woman credit. Months after giving birth she's landed the biggest Victoria Secret honour, wearing the 2011 Fantasy Bra.

Over $2.5 million US was spent on the Fantasy bra

Designed by London Jewllers, the bra has 3,500 precious gemstones, 142 carats white and yellow diamonds, luxurious pearls, faceted citrines and aquamarines, which all are caged by 18 carats white and yellow gold. The pendant has 8 carats white diamonds and two 14 carats yellow diamonds.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

face off.

made of stone.

step to it.

checkered pants. oh yea

a few seasons ago but this time in brown.

let the road take you places.

leaving for overseas has made me feel an amazing sense of freedom.

who knows where the journey will take us.

Something white.

The prettiest things are small and shiny, sweet and dainty, sparkling and decadent.


Our love was lost
But now we've found it
Our love was lost, was lost
And hope was gone

Our love was lost
But now we've found it
And if you flash your heart, your heart
I won't deny it
I promise

I promise

Your walls are up
Too cold to touch it
Your walls are up, are up
Too high to climb

I know it's hard
But I can still hear it beating
So if you flash your heart
I won't mistreat it
I promise
I promise

Our love was lost
In the rubble are all the things
That you've, you've been dreaming of
Keep me in mind
When you're ready
I am here To take you every time

Oh, our love was lost
Lost, lost, lost, lost..
Our love was lost
But now its found


Tuesday, October 4, 2011