Sunday, March 7, 2010

you're brill.

thought of the day.
Jen Brill. What a mega babe.

if a guy like terry richardson can get his dick wet by such a babe you know he must be doing something right.

In Other news..

I definitetly had a good old romp in trashbag ville. I ditched my class sandwich and traded in for 3 tazos and a packet of part central chips.

begun @ Kirsty's 21st. Fashion no no's was the theme. I mean seriously hard theme, nearly everything i wear is considered a no no. Everything I wore, I wear out. And proudly.

Lots of boys rocking the old running shoes and jeans and a few hawian tops to match. grosse.

Weekend continued with Madame M. First stop Saint, last stop hell.

Badly behaved children to say the least.

Game over.


  1. everything you wear i want to steal.
    like that white shirt. yum.

  2. you can borrow whatever, whenever.