Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rest in perfect harmony.

sometimes the worst things happen to the best people.
In particular, James Cross. Friend of Bitchard's, member of Love @ This Volume and Snowy in Belfast.

It breaks my heart to see you leave this world. you were a gift and anyone who has been touched by you will understand why.

"music makes the people, come together. yeah." Madonna.
If that's the case then your passion for music definately did this.
My love and heart opens for your family and friends, the band, the fans and anyone you spent 5 mins with just chatting.
I never got to thank you for noticing a certain time I was down, but the fact that you picked it up even when people i'd known for years didnt, showed how truly genuine you were in caring for others.
I guess the man upstairs realised
how much talent you had
and perhaps thats why
he plucked you from earth.
I guess his plan for you in heaven was bigger than his plan for you here on earth.
As you're walking up that big, long, cloudy path to heaven.
don't be afraid to sing and practise your bango, even try some harmonica.
god knows your friends could do with some music falling upon them tonight.
I know its not your preferred music taste.
please dont cry, going to heaven dont mean that ill die, im gonna live forever, downdeep inside your heart until it stops and they send you up here
but until that time your gonna be fine ill watchover you from here.

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