Sunday, March 21, 2010

reflection at its wildest.

God damn. I love a good Sunday when you desperately wish you had either more time, or more sense throughout the weekend.

what a mix and match weekend i had. most notably being at the rowing after party. Saw Madame M this weekend. P. I. C.

cannot believe we ended up where we did.
life's strange really.
spent Sunday with Rich learning about the way Jimmy touched other peoples's lifes.
I came to the conclusion from talking to everyone
he really was just an amazing guy.
having an impact on people
despite meeting them once, or knowing them a life time.
Death really fucks me off. What's our purpose, what's the bigger plan?
Why didn't anyone give us a manual on how to survive?
I hope all the low life's, drug over dosers, criminals and general riff raff know how lucky they are to have lived through another day, when beautiful souls are taken all around us.
to young to leave.
yet more acomplished than many adults I know.
Got to meet Kat, Jimmy's girlfriend.
I'm not sure if you read this or not
however I spent several conversations
admiring the way Jimmy spoke of you.
I'm so glad to have finally met you,
as Jimmy said I'd like you.
Strength in humanity is sometimes to much.
The previous week has given me perspective on the complexities of life.
I no longer intend to give a fuck about pointless shit.
Seeing people offer their friendship has made me question a lot.
To be blunt is somewhat confronting, but I fee like life is to short to pretend Im smart enough and strong enough for head games.
I've realised, there's no prize for who plays the hardest.
It appears the harder you play, the less chance you have of walking away with anything.

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