Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let Love In.

Life's big questions bug me. They always seem to bug me more though when things take a rapid downslide into living hell. I wish I could put a finger on it too, it usually revolves around boys or friends though, I mean what other real problems can a carefree 22yr old living at home have?

I hate being made to question why shit happends, because I know where I stand on that. Everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason is driven by higher being or self motivation, things happen for the pure reason that you have an oppurtunity to act upon them. I don't know how I feel about fate, I like to believe the universe can only take you so far. It takes you to the point of oppurtunity and then it's up to self determination, strength and moviation for you to make the rest happen. I don't believe life does everything for you, nothing in the world is a one way street. I also think it's wrong to try and control everything in life's path, it stops you from enjoying the ride along the way. Thought provoking stuff? I guess. It mainly annoys me that some people in this world were brought to you by fate's lucky hands then when you make the best of your oppurtunity, they are too busy trying to stay in control.

So fuck it, my new years resolution is this. I am not going to move any further in this world that I'm prepared to. I accept that fate will take me to amazing places, I am not willing to take other peoples as well as my own oppurtunties in my hands. Do it yourself you lazy fucks.

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