Monday, January 17, 2011

don't go chasing waterfalls

A few small pictures to help ease the pain that it's summer here and only 16 degrees. My tan from Bondi has pretty much peeled its way off and I went back to gym today. Life couldn't be more bland if I tried.

The weekend was amazing. I did all sorts of impossibles. Friday night I worked then randomly decided to go to Marakesh with one of my work bebes. It was drip worthy sweaty inside but I invited my trouble making double friend and we carried on till it was nearly close. There was a few drinks, and interractions with a rather fine bartender.

Saturday was another winner of a day, I spent the morning sleeping at double troubles house before heading home for more sleep and then I had work. After work I got my bar on and headed to Treehouse Lounge. Amazing Amazing venue. Then I got my red wine with rather fine bartender, he blew my mind a little.


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