Thursday, January 20, 2011

Azian calling.

" A little bit of cuteness goes a long way". Annon.

^_^ Little but of cute.
With the current plans to visit Asia going along swimmingly I've been browsing a whole lot of internet shops. My ultimate weakness is cute shit. This ranges from spending hundreds on stationary or keyrings or little purses. I don't even use coin purses yet I've bought about 10 from Asia, in the last year. Oops. I think more of a condition. Let's call it Kawaii condition. The inability to avoid cute asian shit. I think Japan could be drastically bankrupting. So, I challenge myself to planning and saving enough for everyday living and allocating myself the smallest of cute shit buying budget. Could prove hard but I'm up for a challenge. Things that do not need to be budgetted on are a pair of timberland boots, a pair of docs, any I give myself permission to buy no more than 10 pieces of clothing. Seeing as I'll no doubt have a backpack, things might prove difficult if I get anymore. I'll post ahead or post things back home if I find anything else.
So far Singapore is pretty much done and dusted. I've allocated myself about 8 days to travel, I'm looking at getting it down to 7. The less time there, the less money I'll spend. I've found a decent youth hostel and all. Can't wait to see the Zoo, the bird park, the night safari, Sentosa Island, China town, Little India, a range of museums and then there will be all the typical night market business.

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