Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Diary.

Feeling a bit fierce as of late. Not a whole lof of cohesion to the images but I like them. Been an interesting week or so. I've really embraced my party pants this week. You name it, I've done it.

Friday night was a bit of Marakesh with my bebes and Misty's diner. Some seriously disgustingly good American food. Marakesh was alright. There was definately one thing there that kept my attention. For about an hour.
Then I apparently got grabbed by the balls and ended up at CC. After some mere confusion I ended up meeting up with Bar Boy. That was nice. It got me thinking though, where is the line drawn between friend and foreplay. I understand some friends have a truly amazing bond in which they exhibit fondess through affection. Hell, I'm know to squeeze my guy mates to death. What changes though once you've taken the relationship to the next level.
Can you have been intimate with someone and then still act intimately with them and just be friends? I don't think cuddling up and playing big spoon, little spoon makes that line any clearer. Oh well, fuck it. I walk into these things fully knowing that they will fuck up and they will leave a hell of a mess behind when they do.

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