Thursday, June 3, 2010


devon aoki.
sometimes when i look at this little gem of a blog// or lack there of
i wonder why and what it is i aim to achieve.
its not a fashion blog
its not a music blog
it rarely has a theme either.

when people ask me what my blog is about i struggle.
so perhaps its about life.
ever-changing, evolving
and a documentation of what used to be important.
the trends leave as quickly as they came
but the sentiments are real

each tear drop was worthy of falling
every word flowed as naturally as water from a brook
and every heart felt pain
left my mind and howled into the night like a lone wolf
desperately searching for its pack.

sometimes there is a poem, other times nothing
there is plently of times i just cant be

there is things to envoke emotion
or educate thought
like a patchwork qulit, the final effect would be nothing without each individual square

i chose the photos of devon because.
i like the way they look
old and faded office space
not unlike parts of my life
plus she is amazing,
that little porcelin mouth, so small it barely looks like words come out
yet fierce.
devon, i worship you.


  1. its just like a diary we can all read...and thats the best kind. i do enjoy hearing about your adventures

  2. likewise t-hen.
    you're always good fun to follow!!