Saturday, June 5, 2010

dear nan. your work blows holes through my brain.

I stumbled across this little gem, Nan Godin.
Beautifully composed pictures.

If you've been following my blogs then
you'll know im a big fan of light.
i enjoy a nice lit photo and some grainy texture.
Nan does both of these things.
i especially delight in Nan's subject matter
the subjects often appear exposed in their natural environment.
its interesting, almost like a fly on a wall.
the seperation between the couples is obvious.
unsure if its resentment or simply to illustrate space.


  1. Last picture is from larry clark, not Nan's one :)
    I really love Goldin's work. actually, i'm studying it at the moment for my memoirs and it's kind of something you can lose yourself in.

  2. ah. Rookie mistake. I knew this, think they got mixed up! Love Nan's pics. so nostalgic