Wednesday, June 23, 2010


i want to be a billionaire so fucking bad
so i can lie in bed til four
dripped with jewels the size of fruit
juicy in colour, tough as shit
i dont want to grow up
or face responsibility
i just want to play all day
afraid of being me
im in a rut, a childhood rut. in the last week i've been far more naughty than most could imagine.
ive done bad things, ive done silly things
but overall ive done fun things.
like sneaking out and coming back at 6am.
like sharing secrets.
with all the wrong people.
having sleepovers in front of a fire.
100 coffee runs.
being very badly behaved indeed.
i just want to cruise as far as the horizon and never look back
i used to worry but now all i do is things i dont care about.
its the perfect disguise for winter.

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