Monday, April 26, 2010

she will go down with her ship, like a good captain.

title- obvious.

I guess that brings me to my next topic.
like my title, i too may do down with my ship.
details are irrelevant.
basically i may have started something.
but not finished another.
fuck it. choices are for wankers.
im feeling the inner rebel.
it say a huge big fuck off.
its also ashamed i thought twice.
if shit fucks up ill hide.
plus im running away at the end of the year.
i can hide in a bottle of red.
super rad.
in other news.
my bffl got herself a bf.
congrats all round.
if he breaks her heart ill stab him.
and if she ditches me ill cry :P
i have had ample boy attention.
good effort boys.
highly impressed.
this is rennie ellis's work.
australian photographer.
I saw this exhibition wtih Charlie.
it was one of the nicest days ever.
i rediscovered photography.
i also got drunk.
here is is.
trash photos from the 80s scene.

a little bit wet yet? hope so.

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