Thursday, April 15, 2010

b f f l s

friends forever.
Im in quite a reflective mood tonight. I cant be bothered with song lyrics and pretty fashion pictures.
i want to talk.
friends. i dont know where the line ends between friends and family and with my history sometimes this is a hard thing to work out.
i just want to put a huge shout out to my friends.
lady l. you are the sugar in my coffee, the red to my lipstick. no one else gets the way my hearts beats or breaks. we fight for a fleeting second. we love each other eternally. thank you for always opening your eyes and thank you for accepting when my world turns to child like light.
singing to love song dedications is my fave past time. wine is a close 2nd.
madame m. for everytime we rock out to 'i like that' like we are the dopest mo fos on the block. for egging me on to go to the gym and for keeping me young. we really are two lost souls, never fear though, one day it will all make sense. thank you for the corruption and i promise to never let the world scare or hurt you.
milky. my favourite silly duffer. you pretend to be mean and i pretend to be hurt. but ill always be fluffy to you. i enjoy our giggles and then the contrast of our oh so serious. thank you for letting me openly talk about my vag.
cam. i struggle sometimes to find the line where you end and i start. behind the shed or maccas coffees. you are the only boy that has ever let me be as mentally pyschotic as i want just to protect me from the judgement of other boys. i never have to be a lady around you, yet you always treat me like one. to you, i owe the feeling of acceptance.
cute. flame. ariel. my super star disney character. i know we dont always get to party these days but you never left my side despite other parties falling about around us. you made me feel cute, my love for you is sweet.
then there is a few others.
the girl that is sometimes there, but sometimes not. yet we always manage to rekindle whatever deep and heartfelt friendship we once shared. you are complex and intense and you scare me to death, because i never knew people would be as brilliant as you are.
my twin. you are my other half. i adore you and i enjoy talking gossip and whatnot everytime. we will always be twins, despite my every changing hair cuts. i heart you
the boy that wrote me a song and who makes me laugh nearly ever second im with him. hard times are just a tiny section of our friendship. but im here, no matter what. there is no boundaries to how far id go to protect you.

so there it is. my friends, just a small few of them. i cant love anymore without first acknowledging the ones already here. thank you for being the centre stepping stones to my life.
you have shaped the person i am and you will no doubt help me be the person i desire.

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