Saturday, January 23, 2010

A S I A x 1

so far so good. ive been overseas now for just under two weeks and its been crazy.

first stop was a few days in bangkok. ive never seen so many shops in my ife

then it was onto the philippines. back home, being a chiller from manila and all.

its been non stop busy going manila for two days and stopping off at the orphanage and the malls.

then we went to cebu city to meet up with friends before heading to boracay which was the most craziest place ever. but not to crazy.

we went to the beach then ate the went out to a place called cocomangas shooter bar. for about 7 bucks u can buy like a ltrs of cocktail and shots :) plus there are all these cushions to sit on. nuts. we got kicked out after our guide punched a korean. meh.
then we went to gullys were we had a 2 ltr+ thing of shots and partied on the beach with switz, germans and filos. the most amazing experiene in partying.
now back to manila to party some more. peace. x

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  1. Awwwesome!
    I remember having a water fight in cocomangas with mates from melb n family during a black out through-out the island haha weeeee. Be safe my dear!! See you in a couple of weeks~ Peace.