Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bangkok. The return of.

So. ive been major slack in talking about my adventures but i really have been far to busy to bother.

After winding up the Philippines leg with lots of take out maccas and shopping I figured there wasn't much to report on. I caught up with Maya and Deo and we partied briefly, totally interesting concept submerged which helped confirm things aren't in my head.

Bumped into none other than Lester from Australia's, Hoopdreamz. Word.

Now it back to Bangkok. Ive spent the last few nights in this hotel room, and its great coming back to something that's yours. although this has meant i have taken over with shopping. ive spent nearly a grand I'm sure. oops.
um purchased a fair bit of zara merch including an amazing studded blazer a few seasons back but major discounts.

also found some knee length brown complete lace up vintage boots. AMAZING.
the vintage in thailand is to die for. literally. i would kill for some of the amazing sequined dresses. unfortunately im trying this self restrain thing where i dont spend all my money before the last week.
oops to the fact i have 200 bucks to last me another week.

god bleass $1 street food and embracing loosing weight.

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