Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm loosing balance on the tightrope.

new years lameness as per every year.
overrated. work and gigs galore.

slightly broken. mending well.
potential restraining order. pyscho girls.

For those that even read this or care, ive been brewing over the last month or so.

i had a wee meltdown after an encounter with an old 'friend'. not really, cause friends probably aren't so much of a let down. a past memory perhaps.

hopefully ill see this past memory before I leave overseas so i can deliver some not so happy new to them and hopefully get some clarity. fingers crossed for me. it could mean the moving on of long standing issues or just the begining of freedom from my mind, heart and fear.

i shook hands with revolver this weekend as well as Snowy in Belfast ( check them out, they blow my mind) as well as Jamie T ( shit show, ipod narrating at best) and quality time with the best girl in all of this universe.

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