Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recommends you listen to All Day and All of The Night.

the camera i want. NO idea how to use it but they look good. A friend had one and i dug it.

Or this one?

The boat that rocked. Intense soundtrack. 60s, 70s rockin and rolling. Movie is dope too.

I blogged ages ago on it but I'm only just getting to the soundtrack part of it. Thai in a week and lots to prepare such as rockin tunes to vibe up to.

I've packed. There is not one single ugly outfit in my case. Nor is there anymore space for toiletries. Overloaded. I think Thailand is more important to look hot in. too many fucking Melbourne peeps over there. Gah.

I made a wee promise to the best boy out there. Bitchard. Here you go pumpkin. Rich will most likely feature on this blog as me and Liz love checking out his rocking band. Love @ this Volume. Suss it.

Other news. We had drinks @ Cocos. I caught up with the dope Emira and we got Tappas and drinks. Yummm. then we ended up meeting Bitchards new friend Kira. sick chick. all the way from Bendigo.

In the light of the letter giving I had a wee think about the boy of my dreams. this is all i could come up with.
Bad ass James Dean.

they sure don't make them like they used to. Anyways if all things turn to shit next week I'll have to resort to dry humping pictures of James.


  1. hahaha dry humping hahhh katja!!!

  2. lol you know it woman! see you tonight :) ill bring my camera.