Friday, September 25, 2009

Mong. Tastic

Evil 1, Katja 0

This is going to be a giant post because its bin SO long since I cared to frequent in some blogging business.

Montanasa/Loose Joint/Hip hop Awakening week occured.
I saw sydney people, ate, came home, woke up, got up, arrived to MMA,prepped for registration,got a cold in one nostril hung around for ALL of the battles,ate soup, got a cold in both nostils, sped to crown got their late, ran around getting BACKSTAGE passes for lots of annoying winging people that did heads in, sorted out, got performers on stage, stressed out, got really sick, had a fever, took melvins place for 2nd half of show, managed the stage...died..revived, smoked, freaked out, re arranged my stupid giant headset and pack, finished, wee-ed, got the fuck out of there, ate, snotted, somehow made it to the lobby, efren lost the ticket, efren looked and looked, efren found the ticket, i hit efren, got in the car and managed it home..presume i passed out.

Sunday was Our Backyard, battles, an amazing time chilling on the grass, wondering things, doing things, saying things, good riddance to Sydney people, MMA, home, dinner..crash.

Monday was a essay cram and then workshops. Most inspiring workshop I've ever done. Loose Joint was as down to earth as anyone could of wished for.

Tuesday. Beware me and the raddest chick around.. LEE are bringing EXPRESS Yo'Self to print. BOO YAW. also on latter thought, i skipped out on karni's bday due to illness/thought of seeing my ex.

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