Monday, September 14, 2009

Cest La Vi

there is no point of this blog except to just write crap about what i like at the moment.

I feel better. There is no easy way to live life. You don't always make the right choices and you nearly always make mistakes.

The answer in life always lies in what happens first, from there the rest comes. Without the past there is no chance of understanding the present. However if you dont leave the past behind the present has no chance to grow into the future.

you over understand
without intending love leaves another
love withers away you see
burning eternity indifferent nothing
missed youth
hurt everlasting, another reminder today.

I didnt think. It really cant be changed now. Crying may help I don't bother to regret but
I won't just forget.Only those who've felt like this before will even care

I guess the only thing to do is move on and smile.
Sometimes we loose sight of the bigger picture protecting others.

this is everything i wish for in a boy...someone to blow bubbles with an sail boats

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