Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trend Setter. #Coloured White

London lovers are all embracing the upcoming season with a whole new range of pretty look. For me, reality still hasn't hit, the weather is still cold at best and I'd never wear my new white bits and bobs in this awful weather. For those heading across the border into sunny Europe this is what's up. 

Nabil Nayal. Amazing in white.


1. Nabil Nayal white and grey detailed jacket.
2. Nabil Nayal sheer white coat with collar and sleeve detail
3. Nabil Nayal mini dress
4. Nail Nayal oh so sheer blouse.
5. Pins and Needles lace detailed hot-shorts (urban outfitters)
6. Acne lace detailed tank
7. Kimchi platform high-tops
8. Acne lucille short dress with raglan sleeves
9. Cheap Monday sheer detailed blouse
10. Acne extreme lace maxi dress
11. Cheap Monday high necked, pocketed jacket
12. Evil Twin Shredded maxi knit

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