Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lust have. # Myob jewelry

Should stand for maybe you ought buy, wicked cool hip hop styled jewelry, putting a 90s Fresh Prince of Bel Air spin on today's new looks. Mixed with bright colors, bold pattern and a contrasting amount of detail, you'll need big ones to pull these off. All the way from Japan, this is better than the usual forward fashion products they have, perfect if you want something no one else has.

1. Circle Tut Ankh Amon Earrings
2. Yo! Yo! Earrings (Black and Green)
3. MYOB triangle Ring (Gold)
4. 4 Colors Big Triangle Pierce (Pink)
5.Border Ball Triangle Pierce (Green and Pink)
6. Lego Color Triangle
7. Big M Bone (Black and Blue)
8. MYOB pierce (Black and white)

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