Sunday, May 23, 2010

high level intellect

boom boom.
let me here you say
its almost the end of my semester which naturally means
a)i forget about exams
b)i begin new levels of procrastination
c)i find new hobbies and trends to obsess myself with only to ditch them after a week or so.
every so often i amuse myself with list.
i am a huge list person to say the least, there is just something reassuring and accomplishing about lists.
my main issue isnt making the lists, its more so the checking of items on a list.

perhaps if its done publically i may be more inclined to complete set tasks.

holiday list
-finish US office
-start the british one
-watch deadwood
-true blood
-continue reading Full Metal Alchemist
-tick off 3 movies on my movie list
-read scar tissue
-read another book
-cook sinagang
-plan my overseas adventure
-save at least $2000 dollars
-clean my room
-go to the doctors
-go to the gym
i think ill leave it there, i feel like completing these things will be challenge enough.
heres a few blasts from the past.
Old Terry Richardson works
note kate moss.

my fave.

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  1. i love that you make lists as is also a favourite pass time of mine. my list of movies to watch is constantly growing...i think we should compare notes and fine similarities and watch the similar ones.
    p.s U.K office=better office. David Brent is my hero