Wednesday, November 11, 2009


loving summer.
what an epic start its been. end of exams.
partying sessions.
but i have an issue.
i need a tissue.
i got a problem on my mind.
it won't go away either.
ah well at least its nothing serious.
just irritating.
i hate when people let you down.
the rollercoaster.
friendships suck sometimes.
i just need to vent.
fuck you issue.
go away. stop ruining life.
in and out. i have personal problems. clearly
i wish you'd end like a bridge in a song.
short. refreshing. suprising.
its hard enough working out who i am.
let alone who you are.
you're breaking me. loose ends and pointless hopes.
friends don't do this.
yet its still what you ask of me.
there's people that make the pain cease.
boyfriends. best friends. good tunes.
but still you come in between.
your music used to make me dance.
now its the type i feel like dying to.
repetitive. predictable. ongoing.
like a cd with the same song on repeat.
despite the obvious task.
both taking different paths.
ill always care for you.
you amuse me.
the chase. the buzz. the fun. the excitement. the challenge.
it will kill me.
on a better note.
im on holidays and to celebrate i get to work 8 hrs tomorrow

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