Sunday, August 29, 2010

________forever amore_______
hectic as day.
woke up. walked dog. ate breakfast. invoice. photos. forms. super annuation. text. fb. blog.
now its. copy cd. burn photos. morning tea. relax. ready for work. work. dinner. sleep? or homework.

london bridge is falling down

london. you will love me.
and in turn ill give you everything you can possibly take from me.

call me naive. but this is what the perfect boy is.
shaved head or something rebellious.
big black boots and tight ben shermans.
tatts. as pointless and childlike as my own.
never short of a big fat fuck you.
a mixture of dirt, smoke, beer and soap. the perfect smell
and down right badly behaved attitude.
i want to fall in love with the guy i can never bring home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

built up.

its taken me oh-so long to finally write.
i cant quite understand why it took me so long to express again.

nothing felt worth saying.
perhaps it was because i was preoccupied lying, rather than talking about it.

anyway here it is. a continuance.
i dont want a fresh start, i enjoy picking up where i left, with my knowledge and experience.

anywho. pressing news just in, im getting inked.

so get out the camera's and get invading my privacy.

a little egyptian symbol, Shen.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


captured moment. not a second to soon. leave it to late and you'll forever wish.