Monday, July 26, 2010

kick start.

why do i always think its first week back when im well into my second week of uni.
probably irrelevant.
im kicked this blog in its privates and let it wince for a few weeks.

nothing has inspired me.
im far to busy for this nonsense.
but uni is back so i have lots of spare time.
ive had a call of the wild.
i want to run around with feathers on my head
and just be a brat.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


nostalgic past. winter blues.
how does one more forward without the presence of you.

i'm in an awful mix of emotion.
i dont know what i want to do or how i want to do it.
i enjoyed putting my party pants on for a bit.

didnt really solve the problem.
ive been so sick.
i barely notice it anymore.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

no biggie babes.

Its been a fair crazy month or so of shananigans.
there have been nights i really shouldn't have had.

and plently of mornings i never wanted to end.

best thing about re-finding my trash bag is the slow and humiliating retracing of my steps the day and sometimes week afterwards.

i cant remember where i even left off. its been a hectic month.

there was madame m's 18th. werd.
waking up in a bed that wasn't mine was special.

retracing the fact that i'd commited all sorts of bad was even more so.
lucky all parties were of consenting age, and no friendships were burned.
then there was my birthday.
i visited my winter boyfriend. i ate ALOT of maccas. A boy made me cry in public.

I wore a pretty dress. and of course there was drama.

here's a few happy snaps from the past few months.